How to make money online with Audiomack ? 

How to make money online with Audiomack ? 

Audiomack is a music streaming platform that helps Musicians and creators over the world to share their audio content with fans and followers.  It is one of the fastest-growing music apps in the world. Audiomack has over 5 million daily active users. Audiomack allows content creators (Musicians, Podcasters, etc) to monetize their content and make money through monetization.   

Requirement for getting monetized on Audiomack:  

1- Minimum 2 Uploads. 

2- Minimum 25 Followers. 

3- Overall 2000 plays/streams on uploaded content.  

To quickly fulfilling Audiomack monetization requirements, You can get 25 followers from in less than $0.2 and 2000 streams in less than $10. After fulfilling their monetization requirement you can start uploading more content on Audiomack and bring country-targeted streams on uploads from  According to creators get paid according to 1000 streams. But that fluctuates due to which country the streams occurred in. 

So if you bring Top Tier country streams on your uploads, you will make good money instead of bringing other countries' streams on your Audiomack uploads. On you will get all countries' Audiomack streams at the cheapest rates and non-drop services, which you can use to money with Audiomack and grow there.